Newton County Rescue and Recovery is here when you need us, no matter what time of day or night and regardless of the weather conditions, our team will respond at a moments notice for Ground Based Search and Rescue, Water and Swiftwater Rescues, and Drowning Accident Rescue and Recoveries.


Please look around our website to learn more about our team and also be sure to check out our Public Education Section to help you and your famility be better prepared for emergencies if and when they arrise.


We need your help!

Thank you to everyone who helped support our fundraiser to purchase a new aluminum rescue boat. With your help, we were able to make it happen!! Our needs do not end there however. Every call we go on, equipment gets wear and tear, damaged, and sometimes destroyed. For example "Life Saving" ropes have a ONE use limit meaning they must be replaced each time and the same is true for the straps we use underwater for recoving vehicles. Our shallow water inflatable boats, although very tough and durable, are showing their age and damage from being hitting all the rocks in the creeks during rescues. With a team like ours, there is ALWAYS a need for new equipment so we are asking for your continued support. 


Find us on Facebook @NewCoRescue